Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Beware September; A Danger Month for Equities!

1. September Has Been The S&P’s Worst Month

2. Mid-September to Early October is Worst

3. Healthcare Does Best

4. Long Bonds Are Still A Good Place to Be

5. As Is Gold

6. Gold Stocks Get a Leveraged Boost

7. Natural Gas Tends To Be A Big Sept-Oct Winner: +22% in 2 Months on Average!

8. Total A Good Natural Gas Play


  1. Equity Markets Often Suffer in September
  2. Long Bonds Tend To See Lower Yields
  3. Sectors: Technology is Worst-Hit, Healthcare Does Best
  4. Two Commodities to Like In Sept-Oct: Gold, Natural Gas
  5. Two Stocks to Like: Goldcorp, Total
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