Monday, 22 September 2014

I have been featured in the Mail on Sunday (Financial Mail)!

Mail on Sunday: Web Link to the article -

As UK investors eye up Alibaba, the £140billion Chinese internet retail phenomenon that floated on the New York Stock Exchange last week, we ask whether the US stock market still represents a good investment opportunity – and show you how to cut the cost of trading shares on the other side of the Atlantic.

Edmund Shing, 42, works in the City of London, lives part-time in Paris, works for a Moscow-based fund management company – and knows a thing or two about investing globally.

For his own portfolio he likes US shares that give broad exposure to high growth industries such as technology, biotech, shale oil and shale gas.

He says: ‘It’s harder to get equivalent exposure from UK or even European shares. In the US there is a cast of thousands.’ 

Edmund, who is married to Kim and has four children, will be shunning Alibaba as he favours ‘real’ technology firms such as Microsoft. He is also eyeing up Apple because of its phenomenal ‘global brand’. He adds: ‘I also like Kulicke and Soffa, a company that makes inspection equipment for semiconductors. Few people in the UK have probably heard of it but I think it’s cheap and its earnings are growing.’

Edmund, left, has a wide knowledge of markets through his work but he also uses research tools such as Stockopedia. ‘I like the way it boils down the information and gives each stock a ranking based on value, quality and momentum.

‘It’s a great starting point for filtering out thousands of companies.’

(yes I know, not the most flattering photo, but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!)

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