Monday, 24 February 2014

Video Slideshow: Bull or Bear Market? Which sectors to favour?

Hello again,
I offer you this time a 5-minute video slideshow with audio commentary, tackling two questions:
  1. Are we still in a Bull stock market or have we entered a Bear market?
  2. Which industry sectors should you favour?

All the best,



  1. Nice video, I had watch it and found it interesting, it has some charts and images that shows stock market growth.

  2. Hello Traders,
    Again the NIFTY has proved us right. Yesterday hit the high of 7601.80 & able to close above 7550.We booked heavy profit in our NIFTY & PSU banks call. Now for the coming week our technical team think some sort of consolidation in NIFTY & all stocks. So they believe trader can sell NIFTY around 7650-7700 with stop loss of 7800 for the target 7300-7200.We are giving small stop loss this time as NIFTY alreadyINDIAN , STOCK TIPS showed a very heavy rally last week so it should show some consolidation & sideways pattern till the next up move. Second factor is that some Indian data will be announced next week like inflation. Till then sell will be more safe strategy then the buy. For further updates you can visit our website.