Thursday, 6 February 2014

CNBC TV Guest Host! Why I still prefer Insurance to Banks...

Yes, I was once again Guest Host on CNBC Europe's Squawkbox show from 7 to 9am. Thanks to the London Tube strike, I had to get up at 5am to get a car to the studio at 5:30am! 

We discussed a whole slew of company results, including some of my favourite stocks such as Alcatel-Lucent (restructuring and seeing the benefits in better gross profit margins) and AstraZeneca (which every analyst has loved to hate because of its upcoming drug patent expiries like the statin Crestor). 

I was asked what I thought about European Banks in the wake of the announcement of Credit Suisse's results - I maintained that I still prefer Insurance companies to Banks. To find out why, please click on the CNBC TV web link below to watch the video:

While today's Bank of England interest rate announcement should be uneventful, this afternoon's European Central Bank (ECB) announcement could be more interesting, as there is a good argument for the ECB to add further stimulus to help economic growth in the Eurozone. So far, while German manufacturing is picking up nicely, France is lagging badly behind (not helped by President Hollande's antics). 

The Eurozone still needs all the help it can get, so here's hoping that President Draghi does something!


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