Thursday, 6 March 2014

My Model ETF/IT Model Portfolio: +2.8% after 3 Weeks...

So Far, So Good…

If we look at the performance of my 6-member portfolio of UK-listed Exchange-Traded Funds (3 in total) and Investment Trusts (another 3) which I launched on Mindful Money on Friday February 10,

I think we can say that it has been satisfactory so far, safely weathering the recent Ukrainian mini-storm (Figure 1).
 Source: Author, Bloomberg
All six funds have made ground over the three weeks since launch despite the recent bout of Russian-Ukrainian inspired volatility, which for now at least seems to be calming down as Russia and the West both back away from anything that looks like military action or sanctions.

The benchmark index (comprised of one-third UK FTSE-All Share index and two-thirds MSCI World index in sterling, to match the geographic composition of the portfolio) has risen some 2.3% over the same period – so the portfolio has eked out a small measure of outperformance so far. But in any case, this is largely irrelevant as the portfolio is designed to perform over the medium-term (think years not weeks).

To read the rest of this article, including my thoughts on Russian exposure via an equities investment trust and an emerging market bond ETF,
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Edmund's ETF/IT Model Portfolio Up 2.8% in 3 weeks

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