Thursday, 5 December 2013

Riding the UK Property Rollercoaster

At the risk of seeming a little hyperactive (for an "Idle Investor"), please find below a web link to my latest "Expert Opinion" article on the Mindful Money finance website, on the subject of potential ways to invest in the rising UK property market, without going as far as buying physical bricks and mortar!

Riding the Property Rollercoaster

Please click through to the article, as then I start to build up traffic to my column (hopefully, points win prizes in the end!). As always, your patronage of my column on this website would be much appreciated, as it is a new, exciting venture for me and allows me hopefully a broader platform for disseminating my investment ideas.

PS you can also sign up for a free daily email from the website with their latest feature articles on investing and personal finance:

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Thanks a lot for your help,Edmund

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