Friday, 21 December 2012

Why read this investing blog?

Why read this investing blog?

21 December 2012

You have savings, and are fed up with the paltry interest rates on offer from UK banks. Government bonds, insurance policies and the like are little better. So where to invest your hard-earned cash? 

I want to write a down-to-earth basic finance and investing blog with the aim of giving interested investors some signposts to investing their own money, aiming at long-term capital gain and regular income. 

It may not sound super-sexy, but that's sort of the point.  Successful investing should be a little like watching paint dry much of the time, because there are other, very interesting things to do in life aside from investing your savings, important though that is!

While my professional background is largely in European equity markets as a so-called Market Strategist (writing and marketing research on stocks and shares in the UK and Continental Europe), I have a lot of interest in other types of financial asset (bonds, cash deposits, precious metals, property etc.). So I will be writing about those asset classes too.  

So, please read this blog, which I will update regularly every week, if you are interested in the process of investing your hard-earned cash to grow over the long-term, using a variety of different asset classes but with a very close eye on the level of risk taken.

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